Thank you for visiting our web site. Northwest Elementary is the Fourth Grade Attendance Center for Marshall Public Schools. It is also the site of two Kindergarten classes. Northwest Elementary houses 10 sections of regular education. We support the needs of our individual student through our Special Education Classes, Title One Programs, ESL Program, Speech Services, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Counseling.

Our Kindergarten classes are based upon an all day program. We have two outstanding teachers with many years experience. Their passion for learning and love of children helps make that first year of school a positive one.

Our Fourth Grade teachers are dedicated to the child’s entire educational experience. This experience addresses both the cognitive and emotional needs of our students. The Fourth Grade teaching philosophy is based on Inquiry Based Learning with the incorporation of technology. Leading experts have collaborated to produce a program that:

• Inspires educators to use instructional strategies powered by technology
• Engages students in the excitement of learning
• Enriches teaching to dramatically improve student performance

Our successful school discipline is based on the Ozanam B.I.S.T. model. “We accept all children where they are and want them to have a safe learning environment. It is okay for the child to have a problem, but it is not okay for the child to stay stuck there. We will help the child to own responsibility for his/her actions and solve the problem.”

Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you and your child. Please come be a part of Northwest Elementary this year!

Northwest Elementary Principal


Please visit the Elementary Calendar to view all our scheduled building activities.