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Health Services

Certified Nurse Assistant:

- Open to Juniors and Seniors
- Offered twice daily. AM & PM
- Become a Certified Nurse Assistant.







Leigh Ann Riley, Instructor

Health Occupations is designed to introduce students to the health care delivery system and provide basic academic knowledge in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, infection control, human growth and development, and communication.  In addition, the student learns entry-level job skills in the nursing field.  Students have the opportunity and are encouraged to earn a certified nurse assistant (CNA) certification, a state certification for an entry-level position in the medical field. 

Clinical experience will begin with the second quarter and last throughout the year.   Students must complete 100 contact hours in clinicals and be checked off on health care skills to be certified, therefore good school attendance is vital. 

Students must have a physical exam, 2-step Tuberculosis test, proof of immunizations, a copy of Social Security card, criminal background check, Hepatitis B vaccine or a signed declination statement.  Nursing uniforms and sturdy shoes are required.

Liability insurance cost is approximately $13.00 (subject to change).  Background check $10.00 (subject to change).

Articulated:  State Fair Community College
Certificate: State Certified Nursing Assistant—$20 fee (subject to change)
for professional certificate, pin and laminated card.
Embedded Credit:  Applied Science (1 credit)
Class Limit: 15 per state regulation.  (In the event there are too many in the class, the school                                                                               will look at grade level, attendance and GPA.)