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Marketing Education:

- Open to Juniors and Seniors




( Cara Posegate, Instructor)



This class is the first year of a two year program of study in marketing and management.  The curriculum reflects the current demands of the business world.  It also provides the student with the necessary basic business concepts to compete successfully in the global economic market place and to gain employment in a marketing occupation.  A variety of instructional methods are utilized to deliver instruction covering basic and social skills, career competency development, entrepreneurial development, economics, salesmanship, and creative units such as advertising.  Students will complete research papers and hands-on projects. 

Membership in DECA, a marketing education organization, is recommended. 

Class Limit: 20



This class is the second year of a two year program of study in marketing and management.  Students will learn advanced marketing concepts such as business administration, finance, product management, selling, promotion, distribution, communications, economics, international marketing, human relations skills especially working in a team environment, and all about retailing.  Special study of owning and managing your own business is developed.  The curriculum emphasizes the practical application of skills necessary for employment in the field of marketing.  Membership in DECA is required. 

Prerequisite:  Fundamentals of Marketing w/C– average or better
Class Size:  20


Students enrolled in Fundamentals of Marketing or Advanced Marketing may also receive an additional 1 or 2 credits for work in a marketing/business related field.  Students must work ten hours per week to receive one credit; students must work twenty hours per week to receive two credits.  Students must also have a job secured before entering into the program, with instructor approval, and with no intention of leaving that job throughout the school year.  The primary purpose of this course is to assist students in making career choices and to assist in the transition from school to work through supervised work experience.  The course of study will include careers and career choice, job seeking skills, work relations, and connections on the job to the marketing classroom.

Class Size:  25